Monday, February 26, 2007

Easy Does It

Easy Does It
by Supertramp

And if my heart's had wings,
I'd be the bird that sings,
I'd fly where love isn't shy
And everyone is willing to try.
And if we had the time,
And time's so hard to find,
I can't believe what you say,
Start sending those shadows away,
And if you know who you are,
You are your own superstar,
And only you can shape the movie that you make,
So when the lights disappear;
And only the silence disappears,
And only the silence is near,
Watch yourself; easy does it, easy while you wait.

And if you know who you are,
You are your own superstar
And only you can shape the music that you make.
So when the crowds disappear,
And only the silence is here
Watch yourself, easy does it, easy does it, easy while you wait.

I love these guys. I can't believe I've never added a link for them.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Spray Away

Herbal Essences
Set Me Up
with a fusion of
Cactus Flower & Bamboo
Max Hold Hairspray

This is one product that I have not been terribly impressed with. The reason is very simple - the spray is not fine enough. It sprays on in large droplets. When you don't have a fine mist spray, you end up looking like you've used hairspray, and a lot of it. I don't know about you, but that's not the look I'm after. I'd rather look like I used nothing at all. This stuff also does a really good job of coating all surfaces in the vicinity of where it was sprayed. It would probably be a decent lacquer for your arts and crafts.

However, the Cactus Flower & Bamboo scent is nice and light, and this spray does hold well for most of the day.

The directions on this one are funny:

Use me: Spray evenly. Get set. If it feels tight, that means it's right.

Uh huh, alright, okay then.

COVER FX Brush Cleanser

Okay girls, if you apply your makeup with brushes - and I do recommend that you do - you need this product. It is important to keep your brushes clean, to prolong the life of your brushes, for the best performance, and to preserve the good condition of your skin. Per the company website:


An alcohol based formula which disinfects, as well as removes dirt, oils, and pigment from cosmetic brushes with a gentle foaming action.

* Cleansing and disinfecting natural and synthetic cosmetic brushes between uses.

* It is an alcohol based formula, to disinfect.
* It contains tea tree oil as a natural anti-bacterial.
* It does not require rinsing off.
* It conditions the bristles.
* It dries rapidly.
* Cosmetic brushes will be free from bacteria that could cause infections and breakouts.

Size:: 235ml/7.9 fl oz
Price:: Can/US $12.00

On the box, the Directions for cleaning after use:
  1. Wet the brush bristles with warm water.
  2. Apply a few drops of COVER FX Brush Cleanser to the brush bristles.
  3. Lather, rinse, and reshape bristles by squeezing out excess water towards the end of the brush tip.
  4. Lay brush flat to dry.
Always remember to lay your brushes down flat to dry them, otherwise the water will seep down into the base of the brush and loosen up the glue and your brush will fall apart.

I know that this product is available at Shoppers Drug Mart . . . if they have it in stock. Krista has been having trouble locating a store with it in stock.