Monday, October 31, 2005


Isn't Halloween fun? We've been having a great time this weekend.

Kathy invited us over for a Halloween party on Saturday, so we all got dressed up for the occasion. We did a scavenger hunt, drank ghostly milkshakes and ate chocolatey spiders, decorated Rice Krispies Squares cutouts Halloween style, and watched all the kiddies having fun in their costumes. They were all so well behaved; they loved the Halloween festivities too! Kathy, thanks so much for putting that together and giving the kids a chance to enjoy some wonderful Halloween fun (and for sending Miles' toy home with Grandpa - I totally lost track of it!)

On Sunday, we went to a baby shower for my cousin Shelley who had twins in September. It's always cool to get together with family and eat and chat and laugh. All of the kids there had a great time playing together too.

Today, Sherri and I brought the boys into my workplace to show off their costumes. Of course everyone fussed over both of the boys and marvelled over how cute they looked.

Before returning home, I brought Miles in for a special Halloween photo shoot. I'll post that picture later in the week.

Lots of cool experiences for Miles.

I think we had a record turnout at our house tonight - 18 trick-or-treaters!!! We often have less than 10, if not less than 5!

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you had tons of fun!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Playing Tag

I forgot to turn my RSS feed reader back on after my last reboot, and I completely forgot about blogs for a few days. I didn't think it was possible! I've been catching up on my reading today and I just found out that I've been tagged by Kathy.

The instructions are:

1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post
3. Find your fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of your sentence
5. Tag 5 others to do the same.

For a moment, I wasn't sure I even had 23 posts yet! But I do, and here is the fifth sentence from that post:

"2 in my right ear, and 5 in my left." (Too Holey?)

No, I wasn't talking about Q-tips! Go on and read it, if you're curious.

Now, who shall I tag? Let's about Krista, Sue, Glenn, Sherri, and Tee (easy for you Tee, just cut and paste! I know you've done this at least once before already). No biggie to me guys if you don't have the time or don't feel like doing it. It's all in fun!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Possession Obsession

When I had to give up my apartment and move back in with my parents 3 1/2 years ago, most of what I own went into a storage unit. (Man, I can't believe it's been that long!) Today, I went to visit my stuff. I brought my nephew, Jonah, along with me. He was a good distraction. I think the last time I visited I became rather depressed afterwards. I miss having my own space, even though I'm blessed to be able to live with the best family ever. It's weird to think that I have this little room packed full of stuff that I haven't even touched in 3 1/2 years! The day we packed that room up was so hard. I'm sure my mom still remembers me finally arriving at the house crying my heart out. Yes, okay, I admit it - I'm crying now too.

Anyway...when I first thought of writing this post, the title I had in mind was something along the lines of, "This stuff is my life". Thankfully, I've put some thought into it since then. That stuff is not my life. It's not all I have. I have so much more than that, and I know it. I've got wonderful parents who provide me with a place to sleep and food to eat and unconditional love; super cool siblings who can be deep and funny at the same time; great in-laws who I love more and more the longer I know them; a man who loves me no matter how badly I behave or make us both crazy; and now I have a son who lights me up from the inside out. Even without all of my possessions at hand or a home to call my very own, my life is full of all of the best "stuff" already.

Do you ever forget and lay too much importance on your worldly stuff? I know I can't be the only one to slip up every now and then.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Shade, breeze, and leaves...the last days

For some reason, it's difficult to coordinate naps, the weather, and mothers' moods, but we finally got the boys out and into the sandbox again. Perhaps for one of the last times this year. However, with the very warm weather we're expecting this week, there may be a few more times yet!

By the way, does anyone know what you're supposed to do with a sandbox like this (plastic) over the winter? And do we save the sand, or dump it and get new sand next year?

Heck, looking at this picture, I think we'll need another sandbox - there won't be enough room for two growing boys and play space by next summer!